AQUARIUS SOLAR ECLIPSEThis reading can be interpreted for the next 6 months of your life. This applies to Aquarius sun, moon, and ascendent. 


On edge much?
This comes as no surprise. With the south node being in your sign, beloved, I would be lying to you if I said that things are going to get easier. They aren’t. But you on the other hand, are growing into a better version of yourself. And that’s got to count for something. 
You will feel on edge for quite some time to come, and this is because you’re ending a cycle. But it’s still currently open and being worked on. So, brace yourself. There is more growth and struggle ahead of you.
Because of this present discomfort, you’ve found a way to reach higher ground. You know the battle isn’t over, but you indeed are fighting back. Be very careful with your actions, Aquarius.
With the south node in your sign, almost everything you do will bring you karma, or was already pre destined and part of your fate. There is a lot of stress and aggression around you, but this is forcing you to learn how to trust your intuition. 
Be silent, beloved. Close your eyes and simply feel yourself in this moment. 
You’re wishing for completion, and for abundance to come and sweep you away, but it’s not the right time just yet. You aren’t as ready for what you want as you think you are. But you will be. 
There is still more cycles for you to close out. But each and every one of them in retrospect, will seem fated and beautiful. Even if painful. 
This will be a period of time for you where you are being beckoned to spend some time in deep mediation and illumination. This is a time where you are being forced to recognize your deepest emotions. Something you aren’t too comfortable doing. 
But through this soul searching, you will stumble across profound success. You will ascend and come into true material abundance. You will be comfortable again, soon. 
Do yourself a favor and focus on your inner warmth. You have richness and a well of love somewhere inside. Turn on a light and find it.
Within the next 6 months, you will find missing gold.
All along, it was yours. 

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