This reading can be interpreted for the next 6 months of your life. Aries sun, moon, and ascendant may be applied. 

Time and love. 
You are coming into a period of time where you will start to be recognized for your efforts. Your very spirit and nature will attract attention. Make sure you are walking and talking in your truth, and receiving positive praise. Not negative attention.
You will be seen and heard, loud and clear. Make your own path way. Let everyone applaud. You’re a star headed towards the light. 
Because of this transition into the light, you will now be forced to take on a new perspective. Of yourself, of your life, of absolutely everything. Although this is a brand new period, it is a stand still, and already pre determined.
You will remain in this recognition period for at least the next 6 months, whether you like it or not! All eyes are on you. But you will not make a move. This experience will seem to be taking place on the external, but really, this is all your own self undoing. This is an internal initiation orchestrated by the divine. You are not in control, but you will be under the illusion that you are. 
The challenge you will run into is the idea that your speed or movement makes way for you to get somewhere you want to be. Your speed makes no difference now. You’ve become part of the beloved. You must learn patience. You will. Time is an illusion. In the blink of an eye, your entire life could change. Stay alert, but remain in a position of surrender. 
Your beliefs will get stronger and stronger, you will acquire a larger following. You are looked at as a guide for some during this phase of your life. Your spirituality is being toyed with. You’re growing and evolving your belief system. You want peace and order. You want alignment. This cannot be found within yourself until you acknowledge the fact that you must become one with the One. You must follow the beloved before she creates a paved path for you. Do you walk the road less traveled, or do you subscribe to what you’ve always known? This will be a consistent theme for you. Choose faith and incorporate spirituality in your day to day life for protection and guidance. 
You are in no position for major changes right now. 
You are definitely walking down a long and curvy path. You have to keep your eyes on the prize. You have to follow the yellow brick road. There will be trials and tribulations that you must calmly and safely move past. Your patience will be tested greatly. You will learn how much perseverance you actually have. 
This process leads you to love and emotional fulfillment. Every choice you make will lead you further, or farther from the beloved. This can be taken as the divine, or an actual partner who you are destined to pair with. Focus on your heart. 
If a lover is present, nurture them with care and spend as much time together as you can. Melt into this person. They have something to teach you. If not yet paired, keep your heart open and friendly. Let love in with grace and a smile. Someone wants to get to know you for exactly who and what you are. Allow them, and you’ll end up learning a great deal about yourself. Love is on the way. But it brews and begins with you. 

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