This reading can be interpreted for the next 6 months of your life. This applies to Cancer sun, moon, and ascendant. 


Follow the yellow brick road. 
Did you know you’re at the beginning of a new adventure? 
The road ahead is long and twisty. But you have the stamina to see this all the way through. 
What do you see, Cancer? Whatever it is that you so gently, but profoundly desire— you must now go after it. 
But the trick is, go after it with patience, strategy, and persistence. 
This will not be granted to you. It will not come easy, nor fast. 
But it is indeed your destiny. 


Your mind is filled with ideas. Inspiration is swirling in your head.
You understand that you’re at the beginning stages of a mental pursuit. You understand you have a long ways to go. But you are not afraid.
 You are more than ready, and prepared, to stand in your own power. You’re blossoming into a grand and passionate leader. Can you feel the changes? Can you feel the love?
You want order, desire, and strength. You want to manifest blessings right now.
But this journey isn’t only for you to travel on alone. 
There is a lover if not already present, making their way into your destiny. They will accept you for the individual that you are. They will see the lover in you. They will embrace your journey and empower you every step through it. This person may not relate to your adventure, but they will play their role in it. For you. This person is a soulmate who wants you to achieve what your heart desires. 
When you feel alone and powerless, call onto this lover. 
Dance with the divine and flirt with the beloved.
Love is all around you, but all you see right now is the lengths— the obstacles— forgetting about the opportunities. 
The secret to your success is choosing to be happy. The only way you will see clearly now is if you see with the eyes of a child. If you choose to see things with sprinkles of love. 
Love will bring you great happiness and clarity as long as you remain focused. 
You have no time, space, or energy to get lost in your emotions at this time. 
You are far beyond those days, Cancer.
What you must do is keep a clear head space and an open heart. 
As above, so below. 
As below, so above. 
With clear intentions, your love will not be foggy or deluded like much of your past has been.
This is a brand new beginning.
Everything is real as long as you believe it is. 
Be in your own loving grace, and when that gets hard, channel loving grace provided by the divine, and your special partner. 
Love is what’s becoming real for you now. It is a deliberate intention. 
Maybe for the first time ever, because for the first time ever, you understand the importance of your devotion. 





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