Capricorn SOLAR ECLIPSEThis reading can be interpreted for the next 6 months of your life. This applies to Capricorn sun, moon, and ascendent. 


Productivity becomes a focus. Learning to manage your finances and still enjoy spending will now be a theme in your life. You’ve tried to live with one foot in the door, the other foot out— but that’s not cutting it any longer. You realize now, that is not productive.
You’ve just entered a period of time where you will be forced to lay low and build. This will be a period of time for you that demands order and emotional control. 
But, what sits at the center of this reconstruction and building is opportunity, adventure, and risk. Capricorn, you have so much support from the universe right now, just begging you to take a leap! 
You’ve finally worked up enough courage to trust and surrender to the divine, and this has brought you to a deeper, and greater emotional understanding of who you are and how you feel. You are sitting at the center of your soul, navigating your way through the waves. 
You’ve realized that this stagnant period is still in effect, but the only way out that helps is by choosing to acknowledge your emotions and heal. The time away you’ve spent being reclusive, perhaps even secretive, has all been to serve and accelerate your own healing process. Even though it’s been taking a great amount of time. (Give it until December, and then you’ll see the massive changes emerge)
You are still experiencing a spiritual initiation. Your choices and moves are still being filtered by the divine. You haven’t moved forward yet completely, but you are no longer moving backwards. Progression comes to you now. Evolvement finds you in the dark, and the light. 
You haven’t been able to see things from a totally different perspective yet, and that is what the beloved is waiting for you to do. Once you loosen up your very own grip, then you will be able to breath. Then you will be able to touch— to feel again.
Simple, right? 
The divine has you in a tied up, face off, and stagnant position. When you finally choose to change your perspective, then and only then will you be set free. 
Luck is on your side.
Don’t stand in your own way. 


The wheels of fate will turn now, and propose you with an adventure of a life time. What you must do next, is lighten your load. Loosen up, cappy. Let yourself be happy.
You move best when you’re encouraged. When you’re brave enough to bring out your inner child to play. 
Find warmth. Seek nourishment and love. Spend more time with children. 
You’ve had a brick wall up for so long that you haven’t even begin to recognize it’s already been tore down. 
You are not a grey slab of concrete. You are an intense, honorable, and proud lover. You are a provider of, and for all.
Go back to the center of your being. Tune into the center of your heart. 
Somewhere deep inside, a charming and dreamy romantic still exists.
Take a chance on love, Cap!
If not on someone else, at least take one for yourself. 


The opportunities are endless.
You’re finally smiling again. :’)



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