This reading can be interpreted for the next 6 months of your life. This applies to Gemini sun, moon, and ascendant. 


Money is on your mind. But let’s hope it is not consuming you. 
Although you have a desire for control and financial security, you are still in the process of a spiritual initiation. You are being asked to change your perspective and see things in a new way. You are experiencing a face off with the divine, a stare off with the beloved. 
Who will blink first? 
If you do nothing else, Gemini, you must rest and restore your energy. You must rebuild your strength. What you will find in the next 6 months is an overwhelming sense of new values. New material motives. A new and profound sense of worth and dignity.
Although you are working on your own harvest, and you have done a phenomenal job at keeping up with your craft and developing— you will have to lay low. You can’t show the world what you’ve been working on just yet. There is more work to be finished  more for you to experience, more for you to learn and expound upon. More of you.
You feel as though the time to leap is now. You understand that you’re at the beginning of a physical world journey. You realize that your reality leaves you space to go on a new adventure. Your inner child is dying to come out and play. Lion style.
But you must wait.
You must keep your eyes on the prize. 
Don’t push too far. Don’t jump too soon. 
Greater things await you.


You are unknowingly working towards self mastery, and this process consumes time. 
Be patient. Be humble. And let the beloved work through, and for you.
You will be gathering your harvest for the next 6 months. You will be making changes, creating improvement, and buffing out the errors.
This is a time where earth energy and practicality will work wonders for you.
Everything you’ve ever desired is slowly working its way into your life. This is something out of your control, and instead, a gift being given to you. Due to all of your dedication. 
Congratulations, lover.
Make a wish. And let it involve the beloved. Let it reflect fate.
Due to the material and financial gifts being granted to you, you’re in a position now more than ever to become receptive of love. 
Choose it. The beloved is begging you. 
Open your eyes, your hands, and your soul to divinty. 


“Let the lover be”


You will be counting lots of cash for the next 6 months.
And because you’re worthy of having it all, don’t be surprised if you cash in on lots of kisses, too. 



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