LEO SOLAR ECLIPSE.JPGThis reading can be interpreted for the next 6 months of your life. This applies to Leo sun, moon, and ascendant. 


This is a time of massive change for you, Leo. You are coming to the final end of a chapter. You are banishing old thought patterns that no longer serve you, once and for all. 
But, because of the intensity and sharpness of this transition, you may find yourself dealing with a great amount of fear and doubt. Your self esteem may fluctuate between high and low, low and high for the next 6 months as you become more comfortable living and standing in your truth/power. 
A major change and life force breakthrough has now manifested. This solar eclipse in YOUR sign grants you the courage to pull out your sword and clean up any messes you’ve made. It’s time to clear house. 
Every decision you make now will benefit and serve you. Luck is in your sign. Fate is leading the way. Everything will be up for chance. Expect nothing less than magic and miracles. 
Your self worth is becoming magnified. Be careful not to isolate yourself in your own egoistical state of being. Be sure to share your blessings with others, and give yourself to others who value you. You are a prized possession right now that everyone would like to get their hands on. Everyone is intrigued by you. Don’t let it get to your head. 
You are the only person who has to accept you. 
The way out of your doubts or mental setbacks is to indulge in fun with friends. Communicate your heart with people you trust. Go out and dance. Buy a round of drinks. 
The next 6 months will be very fun for you. You will grow in ways you never could’ve imagined. You will make life long friends. You will meet people that accept you for exactly who you are, and the way you love. 
Enjoy every moment. 
A potential move could be possible for you. The very foundation of your life and identity is transforming. Nothing will be the same. 
Within the next 6 months you could be a totally new person, with a new life, new home, new lover— all things new. 
Embrace the beginning, but surrender to the end. 
The universe for now, loves you most. 

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