This reading can be interpreted for the next 6 months of your life. This applies to Libra sun, moon, and ascendent. 


Fate has taken a turn in your favor. You’re being given the gift of clarity. So, what comes next, Libra?
What is it that you want? 
I know that you love having a good ol’ time, and sharing your experiences with others, but this may not be beneficial for you during this period of time. You’ve manifested quite a large social group, but besides fun, what has that provided you? 
You’re entering a phase of your life now where you must be center stage. You must arrive at every social event with high self esteem intact. You need to remind people, and yourself, that you’re a Venus ruled God/Goddess! 
Self worth will be playing a major role for you throughout the next 6 months. You can hold you own, and at this point, you will choose to. 
There are some habits, friendships, and outdated thought patterns that still stand in your way. It is now your duty to deliberately cut ties with all that no longer serves you and create massive change for yourself. 
Jupiter is still in your sign, blessing you with grace and opportunity to express yourself and connect with others. But make it a goal to only share yourself wth those who are genuinely willing to know, accept, and value you completely. 
You will find yourself on a path that leads directly to love. The more confidence you find in yourself, the higher your chances are of manifesting a soulmate partner. 
This isn’t so much a time where you need to detach from people, but instead, connect with the right ones. 
Love is on the table, and so is your reputation. Don’t let anyone or anything outside of yourself steer you in a direction that doesn’t produce unconditional love. 
This will be a very creative period for you where anything can happen. The divine is orchestrating every single one of your interactions and encounters. Trust that everything is happening in divine time, and completely in your favor. 
Focus on the things that make you feel alive. There is a pressing need for you to focus on love— A need for you to stay in your harmony. 
The universe works its best magic when you go with the flow, and allow it to work for you. Let yourself be surprised. leT 
Let go, and let beloved. 


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