This reading can be interpreted for the next 6 months of your life. This applies to Sagittarius sun, moon, and ascendent. 


Soulmate love is heading your way, beloved. And honestly, you deserve it most. Like Taurus, you will become more aware with your dark side and deepest desires now. You will start playing with your demons again.
But this is beneficial for you, and this is long overdue. Shadow work will be essential throughout the next 6 months. Because of this, you are creating a new vision for your life. You will find yourself at a decision point where everything you desire is right in front of you, right before you. 
Choose your vision. Make a wish. Love the darkness as much as you love the light.
Duality will help you more than rigidity ever could. 


You’re in a position now where you can master self control, and initiate powerful transformation/change. You are the creator of your destiny. You lead your life in the direction you choose. 
But, if not already partnered, you will meet a lover who changes the way you see yourself. This person will change the way you perceive your own life. The love that is being awakened in you is going to bring you back to your inner child. Face to face. This is soulmate, nurturing, true and divine love. 
You will be healing the most fragile and wounded parts of your being— through love. 
You will be washed away from all of the pain, all of the damage— everything that really bruised you, will now be cleared out and restored. 
Love is all around you. It is pouring into your heart. 
Honor water. 
Honor the beloved.
Honor the divine. 
The next 6 months will align you with your most holy spirit. You’re becoming pure and whole. 
This is a beautiful process. This will be a phenomenal and life changing experience.
The love you put out into the world right now will be given back to you 10 fold. 
Be filled with radiance and optimism. 
Everything is shifting for the better. 
All of the rough edges will start to be smoothed. 
Your love is alive. 


Act on all of the things that make you feel limitless inside.
You are creating your reality.
You are becoming a divine lover. 
Trust yourself no matter what. 





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