This reading can be interpreted for the next 6 months of your life. This applies to Scorpio sun, moon, and ascendent. 

You have arrived at a period of your life where your self esteem is at an all time high. How does it feel? If you haven’t been feeling too shabby, brace yourself, inner wealth and confidence is heading your way. 
The next 6 months will be very rewarding, fruitful, and enchanting for you. You will feel a sense of grace and elegance hovering over your life. 
Because of this new found inner glory, you’re preparing to embark on a journey. This path is long, but you have enough persistence and determination to see it through. You’re ready to move forward. There is nothing and nobody that could stand in your way. 
The divine is whispering in your ear, the beloved is sending you synchronicity’s and showing you the signs that you need to see. You are becoming aligned, Scorpio. You’re learning to listen to your intuition. You’re developing a spiritual identity. 
A high priestess is sitting at the center of your chest, guiding your way. You will not be steered wrong for the next 6 months. Trust your instincts now more than ever. 
Although this is a time where you are generally turning into a greater you, you will have to face serious change and rebirth. This is a period of regeneration. Old parts of you are dying, and they will never come back. This is a purging process. This will be painful.
But all in all, this is for your greatest good. Ultimately, this is helping you transform into the person you know you need to be. 
New beginnings and painful endings are in the cards for you now. 
What you must do is start making changes and decisions based off of your ideas. Clear your head space while the divine is working on your heart space.
Get in tune with your thoughts and psyche. You may learn a lot about yourself by simply taking on the role of a student, or coming to terms with the fact that you are being reborn. Therefore, you don’t have the “answers.”


With the close out of this chapter, your heart is growing larger and larger. It would be a disservice to yourself for you to not embrace your emotions and follow what you feel at this time. 
Move with your emotions. Be in sync with your desires. 
A whole world of love and change is on it’s way. This will be an emotional rollercoaster, but you’re more than ready for the ride. 

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