This reading is an interpretation for the next 6 months of your life. This applies to Taurus sun, moon, and ascendent. 


Welcome to the awakening of your addictions and inner power. Your shadow self is ready to come out and play. After a period of time where indulgence was a theme, you have now arrived as a decision making point. 
What is your new vision? Where have you arrived? It would be wise to make a wish. Right now. 
You have a profound desire to ground yourself into your reality and acquire the goods you need. Financial security should be a focus, and appreciation for the little and simple things will take you a long way. 
You must be grateful for all that you have. You have no room for grandeur. Now you must get down to the practical details. Plan for your future. Make friends with reality in order to work on making your dreams come true. 
You will think this can’t be done, or that you are not capable. But you are wrong. The fear you have only lives in your mind. But in reality, it is deluded and false. Fear is not real. 
You have to start believing in yourself as if your life depends on it. 
You will want to shrink with doubt, but you must rise with confidence, clarity, and persistence. This is the nitty gritty before the finale. 
Your dreams and desires can be achieved logically. You can make small changes and incorporate new habits into your day to day life. Small steps create long journeys. 
It’s time for you to become more ritualistic. To gain a greater sense of personal conviction, honor your own sheer will. 
You will transform into a divine being— one that you never thought you could be. 
Make a wish, and then make deliberate choices that support that wish. 
Your power is in your mind. Don’t give it away to fear, insecurity, and doubt.
Fill your mind with stamina, strength, and determination. 
Be clear, precise, and other-worldly. 
But stay in this world.
This will be too good to miss. 


Romance will play a large part in your soul’s development. 
Give as much love and affection as you can, and don’t forget to dance with the beloved. 

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