VIRGO SOLAR ECLIPSEThis reading can be interpreted for the next 6 months of your life. This applies to Virgo sun, moon, and ascendant. 


This is a major ending that follows with a tangible blessing. This is a karmic audit. This is a battle for your soul. 
Virgo, all of your hard work and intense thinking is now paying off. You will be blessed with a long lasting gift that improves your reality. This could be a new job, a new source of income, or a new way of determining value. Including your own. 
Because of this shift from out of the dark, and into the light— you are now being called to hold yourself accountable. You have a new duty placed upon you to gather your thoughts and find order. You cannot be emotional, nor can you be insensitive. You need to be clear and sound. 
You see success in your future. You know where your mind is at. If anything, you are embracing this purging process. You know that new beginnings are here. You want to experience this change. You want to evolve. You want to be pure again. 
But there is so much more work to do. There is so much more self development that needs to take place. You have a long journey ahead of you, still. But you are getting very close. 
This is the final push. 
Do you have what it takes? 
Heres a secret. 
Love is what will provide you the courage to persist. 
Emotional fulfillment should be at the forefront of your mind. 
What makes you happy?
Do that. Honor that. Honor yourself. Honor your happiness. 
Whatever it is that makes you happy is playing a prominent role in your soul development, and your current  reality upgrade.  
Dance more in the mirror naked. 
Hold someones hand. 
Leave a glass of wine out for Venus.
You need to remember what it feels like to be held. 
You need to remember that you’re still a lover. 

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