Capricorn: Full Moon in Pisces, 2017. Time to unlock. You have the keys you need.

Capricorn Pisces Full Moon

This reading applies for right now throughout the next six weeks.

Happy full moon in Pisces, β™‘οΈπŸ’–πŸ˜


Your soul has been aching for honest and hard earned wealth. Not just an abundant flow of income, but authentic and honorable wealth. In all areas of life.

When we watch something scary on T.V, we feel the fear even though we aren’t experiencing what’s happening in front of us. This is the same way humans since the beginning of time have manifested things they want, and also what they don’t want.


You are always being subconsciously guided towards the future based on what you’re feeling and thinking in the present.

Lately your confidence has been stifled. You’ve been in a stand off against your power. Why are you so threatened by your own potential?

Make a move, Capricorn. Swing your sword.

The anxiety, doubt, and anticipation you allow to build inside of you poisons your will and spirit. You question your purpose because you have such a stagnant and turbulent relationship with self confidence.

If there is one thing you’ve always understood since childhood, it’s this:

You are the only thing that could ever stand in your way.

The consistent blocking of blessings has gone too far.


You’ve reached a turning point now.

This cycle for you, and the rest of September will be magical. You will begin manifesting left and right, up and down, back and forth. A part of your psyche has unlocked itself.

This Pisces full moon showed you a light you’d been searching for. A truth was revealed. And now, nothing will ever be the same.

You’re coming into your power and you cannot look back.

The truth has set you free. If it hasn’t already, by the end of September you will have a totally new outlook on life. September is the season of balling for you. The rest of this Virgo cycle is the grind before the come up. Greatness, galore.

You can feel the pull of your soul. This entire year has been a cycle of purging, surrender, purging, receiving, purging, letting go.

Your soul has been put through the ringer, and this is far from over.

But the good news is, you’ve reached a midpoint. You’re evolved into a greater version of you.

Do not shame who you used to be. Be proud of who you’ve become instead. Change doesn’t always have to be embarrassingβ€” this is a concept that you’ve created. But it has never been real or true.

What you need to know:

Mushiness and feelings are not your friend this cycle. You have to keep a level head on your shoulders at all times. You have to come through with razor sharp vision. Intellect and confidence fully intact. There is no room for roses in your garden of thoughts. You need to house a space for vines and thorns. Rather than nurturing your mind, you must protect it now.

Stay on top of yourself. Don’t get out of line.

Anything too irrational or impulsive is an extreme threat for you this cycle.

It is in your greatest benefit to remain fair, detached, and focused.

The reason you can be this way and not feel unhappy is because you’ve already spent time focused on your heart in Cancer season. Don’t dwell, beloved. You lived, you learned, and nowβ€” you’ve moved on.

Say it with me.

I’ve moved on.

Your heart is still healing, but you know where you stand emotionally. Your emotions are a source of strength and magic this cycle, but they do not need to be a source of focus or work.

Your emotions will flow even without your conscious understanding of them.

Let them do their thing.

For the rest of this year, you will still be in a resting period like you’ve been for quite some time. You will feel tired in your soul. Your body will still be aching. But you don’t realize that the Universe is training you for war.

You still have a great amount of strength to harness before you’re thrown into battle at the end of December. (When Saturn enters Capricorn)

While Saturn is still in Sagittarius, use this time to rest as much as you can. Spend more time alone. Do nothing more often. Psyche work is taking place. But you won’t really be up and active, and back in the swing of things again until Saturn moves into your sign.

There is more power available to harness. You can grow with much more force.

The beauty of this downtime is the way spirit is protecting you through it.

The High Priestess will not be leaving you any time soon, beloved.

The veil will continue to lift and show you glimpses of your future. You will keep seeing flashes of insight and truth. Your intuition will keep whispering in your ear.

Divine guidance is in your back pocket, waiting for you to use her at your will.

This is a cycle where sheer will can take you very far.

Spirit is watching over you and giving you the answers that you need.

Accept the reality of your devotion, and commit to yourself— once and for all.


Time is running out.

You either believe in yourself, or you don’t.

Make a decision, and see it through.

All you’re missing is your own support.


You are the greatest.

Nothing more, and nothing less.

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Happy full moon in Pisces. πŸ™‚

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