Libra: Full Moon in Pisces, 2017. No more. Enough. Because you said so!

Libra Pisces Full Moon

This reading applies right now throughout the next 6 weeks.

Happy full moon in Pisces, β™ŽοΈπŸ’–πŸ”₯😍


Shuffling for your cards was interesting. I felt rigid energy take over me.

Fed up much?

The three of swords came out a few times before I pulled for the spread, and then it showed itself again at the bottom of your deck. I felt compelled to see what was supporting the energy of this card, and there was The Lovers and The Fool.

Instantly, a light bulb went off in my head, and I felt like I understood the significance.


You’ve been deceived a lot this year. Not even just this Virgo season, but in general, quite a lot this year. You’ve had just about enough. You’ve gotten your feelings hurt too many times, you’ve been disregarded and missunderstood far too many times already by your peers, and the people in your environment.

Deception has been a constant theme for Libra, and for this, I send you my personal love and admiration.

Heres the good news.

This is coming to an end for you, beloved. By the time we end your season and enter Scorpio season, the Planet Jupiter will leave your sign. So much tension will lift from off of your shoulders, and a lot of the mindless envy and negative energy thats been heavily directed at you will slowly dissipate.

You’re preparing for a major come up.

Let this serve as hope.

Currently, you’ve decided to take a youthful, tactful, and objective approach to pretty much everything. You’ve decided to let people say and think what they want. As much as it kills you to not battle against them and let them know what they don’t know, you’ve realized that a lot of people aren’t listening to you the way you want to be heard.

This is also shifting.

Beloved, you have the tools and answers that everyone needs. You are the master, and magician at this phase of your life. Your manifestation powers are building intensely. Whatever you really want in your future, you can now affirm and receive in this moment.

Take advantage of this energy. You are coming up as the magician in your reading, and this indicates you can accomplish a great amount of work at this time and create your own blessings.

This Pisces full moon passed over to you a great amount of insight and intuition skills. The veil is thin right now, beloved. You’re reading between the lines, you’re seeing the signs, and the High Priestess is sitting at the center of your soul, guiding you through these final obstacles.

You have nothing to worry about, beloved. You are divinely protected this cycle. The rest of Virgo season will be magical for you as long as you refrain from feeling defeated or indulging in negative thinking. You have to trust your intuition now more than ever. You know things that your rational mind can’t comprehend yet.

Open yourself up to the idea of faith and destiny. This will help you.

Expect a spiritual awakening

. Love and enlightenment is Β heading straight to your heart. You will be entering your season with so much more radiance and abundance than you feel you have right now.

Keep your spirits lifted, and make sure you’re doing what you can to be receptive of love and new emotional beginnings.

Protect your energy and peace of mind at all costs.

When the Devil appeared in the magic position of your reading, this is when things started to make sense.


You cannot fear the dark side. You cannot focus so much on peace and balance that you forget to create your own karma when the opportunity presents itself to you.

At this time of your life, the dark side has an open door waiting for you. Not so that you do any dark things, or become a dark person, but so that you can realize you’re more powerful than majority of the people around you. You have the power to control your reality, and control the way people are treating you.

You have to teach people how to treat you, beloved. You have to take matters into your own hands.

This can mean that for the rest of Virgo season you put yourself first, and drop down boundaries on people who over step lines with you. You need to create order with your peers, and the people/circumstances/environments that try and dominate you in any way.

The time to rise up with power and stamina is now. Don’t let one more person take you for granted, and throw you into the dark alone.

You can see through the dark, Libra.

You are justice.Β 

They don’t know this until you show them it’s true.

You’ve given enough people the benefit of the doubt. Now is the time to give yourself back all that you’ve put out.

This is why you’ve felt so hurt and unappreciated, beloved. You’ve been helping and putting your trust in the wrong people. The love you seek from others is really the love you seek for yourself.

Your heart has been aching for genuine partnership. You desire fairness, peace, and equality. You’ve never believed that you’re better, you’ve just wanted someone to show you that they’re just as good.

So, be good, beloved.

It’s time to make social cuts. It’s time to discover your true friends, and find your soul group. There are people who won’t be intimidated by your power and intellect. In fact, they will admire it, and want to help you grow and expand.

The rest of Virgo season will be a time where you learn about social environments. You will be observing who serves you and who doesn’t. And it would serve you best to stop giving people so much credit when they don’t deserve it.

You are divine law, Libra.

People should be begging you for credit, not the other way around.

This pain and resentment you’ve felt building in your heart lately will now be transformed into a sense of freedom and joy. By the time your season is here, you may have already manifested a brand new divine connection. This could play out as a romantic partner, or a true best friend. This union will inspire you to take more chances, have more faith in yourself, and believe in a brighter vision for your life.

Take a chance before Virgo season ends.

Try and connect with a Pisces, Capricorn, or Gemini.

You need to be inspired and excited.

Let the good times roll. ❀

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Happy full moon in Pisces πŸ™‚

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