Pisces: Your 2017 FULL Moon. Even stiff flowers bloom.

PISCES Full Moon 2017

This reading applies right now throughout the next six weeks.

Happy full moon in Pisces, FISH! πŸ’–πŸ˜β™“οΈ


What a Neptunian time it has been for you. You may wonder if the spirit world will ever release you back into reality. You may wonder if real life will ever actually feel real again.


But, maybe it isn’t. And maybe it doesn’t have to be.

This is it, Pisces. This is your full moon. This is the end of everything that’s been holding you back since your season back in Feb/Mar.

You’re currently ending a long and wretched chapter, which you have been dying to close.

You will never be in this space again. You will never experience this lesson again.

It is final— because you’ve dragged it on for long enough.

Step into you power now with enthusiasm.

Have a little faith in new beginnings.


By the time we enter October, your reality will be different, and so will you.

The rest of Virgo season is bringing you chaos and disaster. Major lessons that you’ve refused to face will now come to the surface where you can’t hide.


The very foundation that you’ve been standing on will fall directly beneath youβ€” plunging you straight into the sea.

What fish do you know that stands?

It’s time to dive deeper, beloved. It’s time to swim in your own waters again.

You are the creator of your two worlds. You can choose to live in whichever one you prefer, whenever you want.

Expect new memories of bonding and joy to take place this cycle. You might make a new friend, or go to a social gathering that sparks a new wave of happiness for you. It will become easier for you to communicate your feelings to others now, as well.


Your only duty is to stay in your bliss.

A divine and spiritual connection is in the works for you. Your cup is overflowing, and overflowing, and overflowing.


The good news is, this time you won’t drown.

You’re learning to swim in your own waves again, beloved. You’re learning to feel without fear.Β This is the beloved washing over you. This is a spiritual baptism between you and the divine.


There’s no need to hold your breath when you were born with gills.

Abundance and magic will come to you when you’re in a dream state. The rest of this Virgo cycle could intensify your dreams and awaken deeper parts of your intuition. It would benefit you greatly to spend more time meditating, creating, and spending time with loved ones now. Anything that makes you fantasize and dream, do more of it. And yes, this can mean going in and out of different states of consciousness.


Get artsy this cycle. Create a new mood.


You don’t realize that not only are you the artist, but you are also the muse.


Be graceful in your endeavors.


The scales of a fish are smooth when you rub forward, and they’re rough when you rub backwards


Remember this when you feel rigid and insecure.

Move forward with confidence.

Affirm that you can be smooth in any and all circumstances.

You are divine and everyone knows it.

If you find yourself less creative this cycle, put your intentions into stability and financial security. There is real potential for you now to balance both your lower level and higher level fish. You can gain control over your psyche, and swim wild and free, while simultaneously gaining order over your reality, and creating an abundance of wealth and power.


You can have the best of both worlds, fish.


Don’t forget this.

I have to remind you that when you’re swimming in such passionate and consuming waters, there is an inevitable dark side to thisβ€”β€” you might get hurt.

Being the only water sign without any protection besides your gift to escape situations quickly, you might find yourself running into a disappointment this cycle.


A wound that never healed could reopen sometime this month.

Especially with so much virgo energy opposing you and making you more vulnerable.

But don’t focus on this, or fear this.

For this is an inevitable part of healing and the human experience.


You can’t escape pain, Pisces. Even though you think you can.

But you what you can do is embrace it fearlessly, and let it transform you for the better.

Any deep rooted insecurities that still come up for you, it would serve you to actively try and heal them now.

This cycle will change everything.

You will feel infinite, ethereal, and magnificent.

And then you will feel lost, afraid, and unlovable.

Trust in the waves.

You are the one who is creating them.

Each and every one one of them serves you greatly.

Trust in the beloved, and flirt with the divine as much as you can this season.

You have many reasons to be proud of yourself, and feel radiant with hope.

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Happy full moon, fish. πŸ™‚


  1. i have never been so captivated by or moved by listening to a tarot reading video. but you did. you absolutely moved me. i havent ever had a personal reading before, but when i listen to you it feels as tho you are speaking directly to me. ive never done a personal reading but would like very much to hear what you offer. thank u! u r awesome

    Liked by 1 person

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