Sagittarius: Full Moon in Pisces, 2017. Protect your heart.

Sagittarius Pisces Full Moon

This reading applies right now throughout the next six weeks.

Happy full moon in Pisces, ♐️💜💖


Stress had built up quite intensely for you recently. Mental calamity was gaining power over you. But nonetheless, you persisted.

The period of your life that you’re in right now is fruitful and abundant. You’ve reached a place of completion, graduation, and infinity. You have made a complete transformation, that you should be proud of. Congratulate yourself, beloved. You deserve to feel this honor and glory.

You’re now entering a cycle of emotional purging. You’re cleaning out the darkest, and deepest parts of your psyche. Because of all your heart work and persistence, now comes the yucky part. The healing of your emotions.

Even if you’ve evolved energetically and spiritually, possibly even materially— you still have to heal your heart, and mend those places that still feel broken.

This pisces full moon, and virgo season for you brings stress and anxiety. This isn’t because you’re regressing, but because you’re so close to the finish line. You’re almost there, beloved. There are just a few more deeply imbedded issues that you have to heal, and then you are free.

Fate is turning in your favor. A new shift of energy will start to flood your life. Problems you thought you’d never fix, could be fixed over night. The universe can really surprise you during this cycle. Emotions and dark thoughts you figured you’d always have to live with could easily vanish over night.

Trust in the universe right now as if your life depends on it.

Jupiter is waiting on your blessing— on your surrender— and on your faith. By giving up control, you have more planetary power and support than you could even imagine.

Throughout the rest of Virgo season, it would be smart of you to focus on your financial security and material control and order. Get your finances in check, beloved. Save for the future. Don’t get caught up in any webs of greed or small minded focus. Think abundantly, and you will attract abundance.

As long as you have a handle over your personal responsibilities, waves and waves of blessings will be coming your way.

Before October begins, a major change in your reality will set forth. Change is destined for you. Foundations you’ve always stood on could fold beneath your feet. Answers you thought you were sure of, could suddenly change. There will chaos and destruction. Something major could happen that redirects your life completely. This doesn’t mean it will be negative, but it will be all consuming and out of your control. It will change your life.

You need this, beloved. Because once you’re forced to recreate your foundation, you can finally stand firmly in a position that you approve of. In retrospect, the change will be understood as a blessing. Because it will be the reason that everything changed for the better, and all of what you wanted to align, finally did.

Expect magic and miracles throughout this cycle. September and October will bring you divine love. You will not only be connecting with your higher self, but potentially a soulmate partner.

Love makes the difference, beloved.

Let it flow magically in and out of your psyche.

You’re at the midpoint process point of developing a spiritual connection.

Keep your feet on the ground, but your head in the clouds.

Miracles will happen, and they will bring you so much joy.

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Happy full moon in Pisces. 🙂




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