Scorpio: Full Moon in Pisces, 2017. Evolution and work towards your long term vision.

Scorpio Pisces Full Moon

This reading applies right now throughout the next six weeks.

Happy full moon in Pisces, ♏️😍🌹


You felt a breeze of bliss recently, didn’t you? How long did it last? What did it show you and teach you?

Hopefully the wave of emotions that crashed over you and touched you emotionally, taught you to trust more in your instincts, and dive deeper into your heart space.

You have a deep well of emotional understanding, Scorpio. Your emotions run deep. You know how to control yourself better than any other sign, which also makes you the most emotionally uncontrollable sign.

Do you see how that can bring you into muddy waters and sticky situations?

But, I think you’ve had enough of the feels these days. You have a solid understanding of what matters to you, who you want, and what you need control over. The intellect is starting to play a larger role for you now.

What do you think? What ideas do you want to pursue? Where do opportunities lie for you in this physical reality? Find them and nurture them.

You’re taking a much more youthful, tactful, and intelligent approach now. You want to understand the details. You want to speak with wit, and create intellectual change.

This transition looks well on you. You always know exactly when to change up, and show out abundantly.

The rest of Virgo season for you will be filled with applaud and recognition. Even if you’re in a more lowkey place of your life, you will still be noticed by others, and eyes will be watching you.

With that being said, make sure if people are watching you for their entertainment, you give them something great to see.

You’re at a fork in the road. Do you work on what you’ve been working on, or do you move forward on a new path? Which road matters most to you?

What vision entices you the most?

Major decisions will be made by the time Libra season begins, but you won’t actually move forward fully until your season.


Your reading this full moon shows a theme of control.

The greatest thing you could do for yourself right now is get your finances in order.

If you can’t control anything else, you can control your income and spending right now. It would benefit you greatly to work on your finances for the rest of Virgo season and stack as much money as possible. You might need it for later.

An opportunity might present itself to you where you want to invest. If this isn’t a creative endeavor or romantic pursuit, it could literally involve your finances.

Make sure you’re prepared.


Although you are very in the moment these days, and trying to make every decision and thought count, your mind keeps wandering into the future.

You are subconsciously working on your destiny this cycle.

Pisces energy inspires you to dream.

And when you have the permission to fantasize, you don’t let it go to waste.

You fantasize, and you dream. Wildly.


Your long term vision is on your mind. You’re trying to put together the details of right now in order to create room for long term abundance.

Wealthy, lively, and long lasting opportunities are heading your way. At the end of Virgo season you will find yourself with a harvest to share.

You can share this with your family, friends, or potentially a romantic partner. But it will serve you most to indeed share it.

Don’t be stingy this cycle, beloved. Don’t hold on to things so tight, because then they won’t flow.

And Pisces energy is all about flow.

The more you open yourself up to possibilities and opportunities, the more they easily come to you without so much control and effort on your part.

Let the universe work for you this cycle.

All you have to do is dream, and surrender.

Simple, right?

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Happy full moon in Pisces 🙂

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