Virgo: Full Moon in Pisces, 2017. Confront ALL things you wish to escape.

Virgo PISCES Full Moon

This reading applies from today throughout the next six weeks.

Happy full moon in Pisces, ♍️💜🌹


You had to save yourself recently, didn’t you? You had to take a good look at yourself in the mirror, and confront your shadow sides. Many of your vices, secrets, and addictions came to light.

This quickly brought you into an illumination, self evaluation period. This is where you’ve been lately. Thinking, analyzing, and feeling out the waves of your psyche. Trying to find a deeper understanding of everything, of everyone. Of all the thoughts, and all the feelings. You realize there is deeper layers to you that you want to know better.

A spiritual awakening is happening in your heart. This Pisces energy is a drug for you. The type of drug that can wipe out everything you need to clear out within yourself. A wave of healing, love, and emotional transformation is going to wash over you very soon. If this hasn’t started to happen already.

It would benefit you greatly to be around water signs for the rest of Virgo season. You’re in need of connection and understanding with others who are empathetic and compassionate.

While we finish out your season, it would serve you to engage in more social events and have more fun. Make new friends, experiences new places, and make new memories with sincere people. This season can end very pleasurably and fun for you if you surrender to the Pisces energy and let it wash you away into serenity.

Something to keep in mind:

There is a lot of mental conflict hovering over your brain. You could feel some social tension around your peers, but this is because there are people you need to let go of, and parts of your ego you need to surrender to rather than feed. There will be some calamity with others, but none you can’t handle strategically. The key here is to only spend time with people who make you laugh and smile. Don’t give your energy and time to people who make you feel uncomfortable or negative in any way. They will drain and mentally abuse you during this phase more than usual. Your space needs to be protected from all people, frequencies, and entities that could want to harm you or get in your head.


Welcome new and loving people into your life, and close the door on everyone else who doesn’t bring more to you than they take.

You are in a powerful place of manifestation right now, and you have the resources and tools you need to achieve what your mind is set on. You are fully equipped, and every answer you seek is inside of you. If you feel as if you need the help of others, you’re wrong. You need your self confidence now more than ever. Only people with positive energy who uplift your spirits will benefit you at this time. Nobody has more answers than you do. Trust yourself, and your process.

Magic lies in your productivity this cycle.

It is crucial that you dedicate your time and efforts into yourself throughout the rest of this season. This is a cycle where you’re being asked to get projects off the ground all by yourself. There are moves you need to make that you and only you can accomplish. Do not be misguided or influenced by the ideas of others. Listen and work for yourself at this time.

What this full moon is bringing you is a deeper sense of compassion for yourself. You are strengthening your intuition and learning to trust your instincts and emotional responses. You are a deep, and intuitive being, beloved. Even when you feel like you aren’t.

This cycle is showing you the watery sides of your personality. It is teaching you how to express yourself from your heart.

Hug a water sign every chance you get for the rest of your season.

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Happy full moon in Pisces 🙂

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