Aries: Full Moon in Pisces, 2017. What you know now DOES make the difference.

Aries PISCES Full Moon


Happy full moon in Pisces, ♈️😍🙄💖.

This reading will apply within the next 24 hours throughout the next 6 weeks.


You’re coming out of a period where your emotions were heavily involved and triggered. A situation where your heart was entangled, and you had to discover your own inner power and strength. Because of this emotional stance you had to take on, you’ve now developed a deeper sense of intuition and knowing. You know now how to survive the waves of your own currents.

Answers are coming through for you now. Spirit is whispering in your ear. You know now things you didn’t know before. You know now that you are protected. You are guided. You have knowing. You have guidance and insight.

After this full moon phase, you can expect a cycle to end and come full circle for you. This is a period of completion. A time where infinity seems in reach and possible.

What are the things you wish to experience forever? What is infinitely valuable to you?

Focus here on these matters.

Although the rest of Virgo season will be draining, and tiring for you— you will be gaining strength and power for the new passionate battle ahead.

Rest as much as you can, beloved. Gather your thoughts. Come up with a solid plan. Keep your reserves safe. You need to be in your best state when this new wave of fire comes swinging in your direction. Full force.

You may feel like you’ve recently been deceived, or you’re environment has been toxic and harmful to you. There are people who’d like to take you out before the race even begins. Watch yourself, beloved. Every step counts. Watch your feet. Look over your shoulder when you get the chances to. Do not let anyone step in your space that you do not want around. Period.


Let no boundaries be crossed and protect your space at all costs.

Something to know—

You will come out of this phase with grace and stamina. You will come out on top. You will be applauded and recognized for all of your efforts. But be careful to not be motivated by the approval and recognition from others, but instead, your simple desire to please and be proud of yourself.

Satisfy yourself, beloved.

Walk out with pride and stand tall for you and only you. People will be watching you regardless. Make sure you give them something to watch that boldly represents your authentic identity and truth. Make sure your victory doesn’t involve other parties.


This is about you.

Your greatest asset at this point in time is your own heart and dignity. This is a time where you need to focus on your heart space, and the deepest parts of your raw desires.

Your magic lies in your courage and at the bottom of your gut— do what you must to activate your inner passion.

A new adventure is beginning now that matters to your most fragile and honest emotions. Feel free to get excited for the fiery changes ahead of you. A huge fire is now starting to spark inside of you.

This could be a new lover, project, or a new part of your identity rising to the surface— ready to catch flame and play.

Pisces energy is play time for you.

Fill yourself with joy, optimism, and zest for life.

But do not burn yourself out.

Passion needs to be paced.

Do what you can, but don’t overdo anything.

Love is alive.

And so are you.



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Happy full moon in Pisces 🙂

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