Cancer: Full Moon in Pisces, 2017. Fiercely go after what your heart REALLY wants.

Cancer PISCES Full Moon

This reading will apply within the next 24 hours throughout the next 6 weeks.

Happy full moon in Pisces, moon child. ❤


Love has you so stuck in your head. What irony!

You’re coming out of a period of time where you felt a soulmate connection, and although your future is promising in terms of legacy, romance, partnership, and long lasting love, you still feel doubt, anxiety, indecisiveness, and a sense of entrapment in the present time. Change is scary for you, isn’t it?

Oh, beloved, worry no more.

Lighten your load this cycle.

Pisces energy is good for you. Pisces energy supports your sensitivity and fragility. You are safe right here where you are.

You received two 10’s in your reading, indicating that an ending is near- but it is a joyous one that will lead you into a new, and blissful beginning.

This cycle will grant you an abundance of romance, sensuality, and deep, watery energy. You will finish Virgo season playing the role of the Knight of Cups. You will be in your element. This cycle will aid in attracting creativity, love, and mysticism to you.

Your intuition is speaking to you loud and clear. Your senses are intensely heightened. The High Priestess is sitting at the center of your heart space, and guiding you through every encounter. You will have all the answers you need. Everything you seek will be seeking you. This is a spiritual period for you. Enlightenment is rich and lively in your life. The fear and doubt you’re experiencing is a deluded manifestation that you created in your mind. It isn’t truly real, beloved.

Magic lies in your emotional fulfillment and happiness. It would benefit you greatly to focus on union, companionship, and love. There is potent potential for you to create emotional abundance with others. This can play out with friends, family members, or a lover. Whichever makes you most radiant and visionary.

Have hope for the future right now as if your life depends on it. This will be a cycle where you have to believe in a brighter future. A future that is greater than you ever could’ve imagined.

Expect nothing less than magic and miracles, crab.

Be in your own nature.

Expect victory in all of our endeavors.

The only thing that could stand in your way at this point is yourself.

Happiness is yours to keep.

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Happy full moon in Pisces 🙂




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