Gemini: Full Moon in Pisces, 2017. Restructure. Rebuild. Renew. You decide what happens next.

Gemini PISCES Full Moon

This reading will apply within the next 24 hours throughout the next 6 weeks.

Happy full moon in Pisces, ♊️🌈✨💖


You recently had to leave so. much. behind. didn’t you?

A dream may have been ruined. You may have had to leave a situation to discover something meaningful to you, all by yourself. There has been a mission in full effect to find fulfillment. Currently still in session, and present in your life.

What are you looking for, beloved?

What you seek is also seeking you.

This quest— this journey— whatever it may have been, has brought you to a deeper emotional state. You have a greater understanding of your heart now, and what it is that you truly want.

You have a better idea of what makes your heart happy, and what makes you strong inside. You’re not always so airy, are you?

With emotions running high, be weary of destruction and chaos.

I know you hate when everything gets messed up, beloved, but you might need a little derangement right now.

An emotional shake up is in the works. The universe is conspiring for you to find emotional fulfillment. Even if that means having to destroy the foundation from beneath you, and build it all over again.

You want control now more than ever. You want order over your vices and dark twin. You need to put things in place, and keep everything in the right position.

But beloved, this is unreasonable. Control is not what you should seek during this cycle, or at this phase of your life. But in fact, you should seek the opposite— a loss of control. You should not fear the idea of breaking free any longer. You should crave this. You might find yourself drooling over the idea of a breakthrough.

Embrace change, beloved. Create it if you can’t find it.

You are the artist with a wet paint brush in your hand when pisces energy is active. Did you forget this?


Incase you never knew—

Color your new world, beloved. Don’t draw inside of the lines anymore. You have more freedom than you know, or allow yourself to feel.

This cycle brings forth a brand new intellectual pursuit— a new way of seeing things, a brand new way to communicate and express your truth.



A brand new truth within itself that will come alive through you.

This is a mental beginning for you. The sword is mighty, and it’s in your hand. Where should you swing first?

Passion swings both ways.


If you refrain from self destruction and inner turmoil (which only you could bring to yourself) then you may stumble upon a very solid, meaningful, and long lasting idea or partnership. This will bring you the order you seek. This will bring you the sense of peace and understanding that you’re craving. This will be something you need which resides outside of yourself. But the choice is always yours to make. Self control isn’t the goal at this time. Control over the merging of your two very distinct realities is. Right now.

Magic resides in your self esteem. Even if you do not feel confident during this period of time and cycle, beloved, you have to fight through your calamity and doubt. This is a cycle where you have to believe in your own self worth. You have to know you’re the most valuable person in every room you enter. You are the prize. You are the possession that cannot be bought. You are what someone desires. Because of this knowing, do yourself a favor and begin desiring yourself. Above all.

Issues surrounding confidence will echo in your mind for the rest of Virgo season. But by the time Libra season begins, you will not only have a richer sense of self esteem— but you will have attracted someone who really sees you for what you’re worth.

Which is everything, and more. All of you.

While your psyche experiences intense ups and downs, and you battle against your own mind— the greatest gift you could give yourself now is down time, rest, and isolation.

The time to be alone is now.

You’re in need of a new perspective— this is a cycle where you’re being called to gain more strength and understanding about your circumstances. You can only achieve this through standing a few steps back, and looking at things from a new angle.

Try looking at everything with your eyes closed for the rest of Virgo season.

When you can’t see whats in front of you, what does your mind make you see?

There is a vision inside of you that’s more alive than what’s in your actual environment at this time. Search for it in the dream realm. Understand it there first.

Then you will be able to manifest it in your physical world.

Let your third eye open up and work for you this cycle.

Your 5 senses are exhausted.

You’re always more magical than you ever give yourself credit for.



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Happy full moon in Pisces 🙂

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