Leo: Full Moon in Pisces, 2017. Welcome to the beloved, where dreams come true.

Leo PISCES Full Moon

This reading applies within the next 24 hours throughout the next 6 weeks.

Happy full moon in Pisces, lion. 🙂


Wow. Just wow. There is so many blessings around you right now. So much abundance is circling around your existence.

Can you feel it?

Everyone else can.

You just recently walked out of heaven. You were in a period of transformation and regeneration, and now as a reward, you’re being granted with status and material growth. A gift that is long lasting. Sent straight from the Universe.

A blessing is falling into your lap. What this blessing promises to bring you, along with material wealth, is also a love connection.

A soulmate connection will intensify and activate by the time Libra season begins.

Get excited and open your heart. 🙂

For the rest of Virgo season, this cycle will bring you clarity and happiness. The sun will be out shining just for you, beloved. You and only you.

You are forever and always the Sun’s favorite child.

Things you couldn’t understand before, finally make sense. Blockages you couldn’t break down, and restrictions you couldn’t break from, will now dissipate and set you loose into the wild. Where you belong.

You will be set free.

This release into the jungle— you decide where to go next. You are the one who will navigate your way through this next adventure. Your heart and soul are leading the way.

You sit at the zero line. No end, no beginning. Just current being in the present— space and time. You are infinite, beloved. You can do whatever you want right now. This cycle is endless for you. You are bound to nothing.

Choose what makes you most radiant. Choose to explore. Choose the option that forces you to be brave.

While you hop and skip onto this new path, all smiles from ear to ear— you will be undergoing an illumination process. New insights will emerge. You will begin learning a lot about your psyche and emotions, now that your spirit and heart are more aligned to your authentic truth and warmth.

This cycle brings you the opportunity of self discovery and emotional development.

There is magic in your self esteem.

It would benefit you greatly to express yourself confidently throughout the rest of Virgo season. Your self esteem should be rich, elegant, and radiant effortlessly. Like the royalty that you are. This is your key.

Believe in your own value, beloved.

Know your worth.

Two Ace’s in your reading indicates a major shift, and a new beginning for you in love and financial matters. There will be a steady flow of abundance available to you now.

Love is in your future. A spiritual connection is developing. You’re in the process of manifesting a sacred partner that will flood your heart with an overwhelming sense of passion and divinity.

This love you are heading towards will make all the difference.

It will bring you back to life if you’re still stuck in your feelings by the end of this month.

Expect an infinite flow of joy to move through your psyche.


Get excited for love. :’)


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Follow me on Instagram at @oyeezyvibes to reach me personally.


Happy full moon in Pisces. 🙂

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