Taurus: Full Moon in Pisces, 2017. Welcome to the promise land.

Taurus PISCES Full Moon

Happy full moon in Pisces, ♉️💖😊

This reading will apply within the next 24 hours throughout the next 6 weeks.


What a time for you to be alive. Love has never been more potent. Romance, passion, and new beginnings keep swirling around you. You might feel dizzy from all of the buzzing.

First there was the mental shift, then came the love, now comes the passionate and abundant blessing you’ve been wishing for.

Prepare for take off, beloved.

This is a magnificent period for you. So many cycles are closing and leaving you with almost glamorous, and amorous fulfillment.

Your legacy is being created. Your long term vision and dream is already in the works.

This is a time you’ll look back on and remember as when everything started to genuinely fall into place. The place where you deeply desire everything to be. This is now.

Something to know— do not let yourself be blinded by your dreams and abundance. You still meed to remain level headed, focus, and clear. Intellect can not be thrown out the window, just yet. There is still mental cases you need to sort out, and intellectual conclusions you need to reach. Keep a clear and cool head above all.

Your personal power is radiant and intimidating during this cycle. You have everything under control and in order. You are a fearless leader at this time of your life. You see through your obstacles and focus directly on the vision. There is nothing in your way.

Marinate in this power and individuality. Delegate tasks to lighten your load if you need to! Many people will be willing to help you at this time, and listen to what you have to say. Unknowingly, you are someone that people are looking to right now for answers and guidance. You are a current role model for many people around you.

This will be a cycle where you can attract a lot of wealth and followers. As long as you remain true to yourself, and do not step out of your power. No matter what. This is very very important, beloved.

Love, galore.

This will be a cycle that grants you a deep sense of high self esteem and confidence. You will be magnetic, elegant, and powerful. You will have all that you need, and then some.

Everything you need, you will have.

Be graceful, thankful, and gracious.

At all osts.

Venus vibes are in full effect for you right now.

Pisces energy is a kingdom for you to rule and find luxury in.

Enjoy every moment of this bliss.

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Happy full moon in Pisces! 🙂


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