Hi, beloved Aries.

I’ve put together a special Friday the 13th tarot spread for you.

Below you will find the layout.



1. The Magic 2. What’s Spooky. 3. Missing Ingredient 4. The Potion

Top Card: The Potion

Bottom Card: The Magic

Left Middle=What’s Spooky + Right Middle: Missing Ingredient

Bottom of the deck: The Manifestation of Friday the Thirteenth


Here is your Oyeezy Vibes Energetic Reading.

You can read for your sun, moon, and ascendent sign.


Be spooky. Love fully.

And know that magic is real.




  1. 9 of Pentacles
  2. The Hermit
  3. Four of Swords
  4. Queen of Wands
  5. BOTTOM OF THE DECK: King of Wands


This is an awakening of both your inner divine masculine, and divine feminine.

Internal search. Rest and preparation.

You are the wealthiest and most astonishing of them all.

You are falling back in love with your self.

But this time, you are actually learning who you are.

This is an alignment of your identity and inner self.

Do you know that you are one?

In your reading both the Queen and King of wands made their appearance. This is you and you.

The togetherness of those birth the 9 of pentacles.


You are a well of fiery riches.

Go within, and stay there alone.

When you come out, you’ll realize you’ve been partnered.

With your own duality.

It lasts forever.

Don’t ever forget it.

Don’t forget the love you have inside of yourself.

For yourself.

It’s gotten you this far, hasn’t it?

It has.


Don’t you ever forget it.

You will be remembering now.

Remembering the way flames feel on the walls of your soul.

Dont you ever switch up on yourself.

Dont you ever blow out your own light.

You’ve always had the heat.

Now, warm up your own insides.

It’s time, Ram.

Your heart is alive.

Are you?



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