Capricorn Season 2018

Hello beloved.

So glad you could join me. 




Here is where you can find information about my tarot and astrological services.

If you’ve been following my You-Tube channel, thank you.

Oyeezy Vibes is where everything began.

Right here on this blog.



Below you will find a list of services and descriptions.

I am still working on launching a new website where shopping carts are available at checkout, but for now all payments will process via PayPal and the Venmo App.

*Venmo is preferred


PayPal Link:

Venmo username: @oyeezyyy






Recorded personal tarot reading: $33

This service can be recorded as only audio, full visual video, or typed up in 3-5 pages.

I will do a reading on whatever you inquire about, or I can channel a reading for you if you’d like to see what comes up without any questions.

Full Natal Chart Reading: $97

This service is broken down into 4 segments and can be written, recorded as audio, or sent as a video via private link.

The first recording is my first impressions and channeled descriptions for your entire chart. This first segment is generally 30-45 minutes long.

The second recording is about your planets and houses. This is where I wrap up the details I didn’t touch on in the first video.

The third recording is about your aspects.

The fourth video is a cosmic check in where I discuss the way current transits effecting you. I discuss what to prepare for and be aware of. I also wrap up the reading with anything else I feel beckoned to speak on.

Oyeezy Vibes Channeled Chart Reading: $40

This service is the first segment of my full natal chart reading. I send a 30-45 minute private video link to your email discussing your entire chart. I channel and describe to you the story and first impressions of your energy as a whole. This is the Oyeezy Vibes special and most popular service.

Oyeezy Vibes Channeled Chart Reading + Tarot: $50


Cosmic check-in: $13

This service is a typed email generally 1 to 2 pages, or a 10 minute video recording discussing the cosmic energy you will be experiencing for the next 2 weeks. I will tell you what to expect and how to prepare. This is a very current time reading that will tune you into collective frequency.

Synastry Charts: $90 

Must have time of birth for both people. This reading can only be recorded.

Beloved Calling Tarot Reading: $33

This is an oracle reading that consists of 3 decks.

Whispers of Love by Angela Hartfield

Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild

Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

This service will help you align with your divine purpose and have better insight into what is blocking you from fulfillment. This is my most personal reading. I do require the client to contact me prior scheduled date to discuss personal background and fill me in on current energy. At the end of the reading I also offer healing methods and leave you with an email regarding how to begin walking on your divine path.  This service can be written or recorded.

Full and New Moon Intention Setting: $15

This service must be booked at least 3 days before the full or new moon. Same day readings will be $20

This service consists of lunar cycle preparation. I will discuss with you where the lunar cycle will be effecting you in your chart. This includes all planets being aspected and not just the moon itself. This is a lunar cycle description where I explain what the transit means for you now, and the next 6 months to come. I will discuss with you what to be aware of, and how to prepare for the shift of energy. I will email you a list of notes and affirmations to use for your own personal lunar ritual. This will also include a mini ritual of my own for you.


Oyeezy Vibes Channeled Automatic Advice: $15

This is a one page service where I look at your current transits and channel advice to you. This is a form of automatic writing where I will bring synchronicity’s to the surface and describe what you are feeling. I offer critical and practical advice at the end once I finish the automatic writing segment.


Advice + Confirmation Card: $20

Any email sent to me asking for advice, I will answer back with upmost integrity within 24 hours. I will also pull 1 Tarot card for confirmation and describe it’s significance for your situation.




All of these prices will run until the end of Capricorn season 2018.


Here is my contact email where all inquiries should be sent: 



Thank you so much for joining me on the Oyeezy Vibes journey. 

With all of my love,




Social Media:

Astro IG: @oyeezyvibes

Personal IG and Twitter: @oyeezyyy











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  1. I just want to say that you are one of tge four readers /advisers i like spirital adviser anyways you ROCK SISTER ,,,🤗THANKU so much for many many on point readings youve done i will for sure for sure follow you each and everyday but recommend you to all that comes in my path🤗🤗😊 blessed be may you have all you wish for us and more!

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