Pisces Season 2018


Happy Pisces season 🙂



The FULL moon of this season will be happening on March 1st, and the NEW moon of this season will be happening on March 17th.


I am not a victim, because I am a creator.

I deserve a love as deep as the ocean.

I am one with everything, and everything is I.

Creativity leaks through all that I do.

Magic and miracles are happening right now.

My dreams are my reality.

I am everything that I wish for.

My emotions are free to move like the subtle waves of a sea.

My life unfolds before me, as do I.

I find the source of love in every experience.




Pisces being the last sign of the zodiac, creates a sort of “all consuming” energy.

One large swallow of all, and nothing, in bits and pieces, and also, at once.

There are patterns washing away now, and new ones forming.

You are watching yourself dissolve.

You are transforming into a lover.


Pisces season-

In the midst of it all, we find the opportunity for experience in everything.

pisces season

The all seeing and all knowing season.

The vastness of magic and divinity.

The time that solidifies why love is the only thing real in life.

Love is the only thing that makes sense.


Pisces season is about living fully.

Rolling with the punches, and the butterflies.

Opening yourself up to the magic and miracles that spirit provides.

Accepting where you are, and envisioning where you want to be.

Genuinely dreaming, feeling, and allowing yourself to be consumed by every sensation.

Allowing the body to become soul.


The elegance of Pisces comes from the lack of its boundaries.

Pisces season 3


Let life move through you- let inspiration move through you- let love move through you.


Be like red wine, sliding down the back of a throat.

In Pisces season, failure does not exist.

There are no true deadlines.

There are no true mistakes.

All is magic.

All is one.

All that is and becoming, is perfect and divine.

Everything that comes to us, whether for good or bad, we deserve.

We accept.

Therefore, we can embrace.

pisces season 2


Pisces makes death look like the most peaceful experience known to man.

Because it is.

yep 1

The esoteric truth of pisces reveals we are here without a damn clue why- and that is why we can have so much fun.

It is why we can love so bravely.

It is why we can risk everything- throw our “lives” away for whatever it is we truly want.


Which we all want one thing anyway-

to love and be loved.




Pisces season horoscopes for your sun, moon, and ascendant sign by OJC Astrology:


This season for you is when your psyche starts to stir up a world of confusion. You will find yourself lost in the woods, questioning your own nature, wondering- this is a time for you to do whatever it is you feel called to do. Do whatever your intuition keeps screaming at you to do. You’re experiencing a divine spiritual initiation now that happens only once a year for us all. Now, for you. This season, the beloved has you covered.

You are free. You are free. You are free.

And because of this, you have no control. Instead of feeling fear, and resisting the flow given to you now, surrender to your need to act. Your desire to push, push, push. Remember- you are wild and free. Your spirit now begs of you- allow me to soar, allow me to roam, allow me to discover all of what your mind can’t possibly prepare you for- let me surpass all of what you believed to be your wildest dreams. Believe in spirit, ram. Roam widely into the unknown and watch your passion catch fire.


Oh, the world you wish to create, live in- you see it so clearly. If only you had this, had that-

Taurus, you have yourself and you have always been more than enough. Why not now? This season the universe will test you and make you reevaluate your hopes and wishes. Are you searching for things outside of yourself to fill up whatever inside you think is not full? Nonsense, bull. You are stable like the earth. Your cup overfloweth onto every piece of land beneath you. And during this season you may feel very erratic. Dreaming, imagining, and feeling like everything is so close but yet, you just can’t seem to grab it. So far our desires can seem.

Pace yourself.  Put your hands down. Open your eyes. Open your mouth and let nectar, milk, and honey drip on your tongue. You are the dream within dreams. The pot of gold at the end of everyones rainbow. You are the tunnel between worlds. This season someone will be the friend you need, and they will give you a gift. It may be something external- the gift may even turn out as a special connection with you and a divine partner on your path- the universe itself will open its arms for you to run to.

Run to love. Run to your dreams and magic this season. Throw glitter in the air, and if you are to use your hands, make sure they are covered in creation- and dirty like the ground of mother earth. Everything is dissolving, so paint with your fingers while you can.


And here you are again. Looking for your place in the world. Gemini, Neptune wants you to believe that you are a rockstar, so then he can grant a wish for you- and you become the rockstar you already are- expect with proof. This season you will feel pressure to be more than what you are. You will feel like you aren’t as magical as you wish you were, and blasphemy! You circle around us all with bags and bags of gold hanging at your dispense. You surprise us all. You are the sunrise and the sunset. You have wands for arms. Your place in this world, is somewhere beyond it.

In the ethers- with toys, games, and magic. This season is when you will have to surprise yourself. Not us.

Show the world that you’re here. That you’re awake. Show up for yourself like an alien invading the earth. Do the most. You’re ready for the pisces energy to take you out into the world on a magic indigo carpet. A seat especially saved for you by the beloved.

You are gliding. You are setting the bar higher and higher for us all. This season, because of you, we know that the sky is the limit. And even beyond the sky, we are capable of reaching.

Keep reaching. Your love is becoming braver. Your legacy is unraveling.


Life can be such a playground. You’re just a crab on the shore. You see the sunset, the sunrise, the crashing of the waves, the dying down of the current. You see it all. You see lovers walking down the shoreline. You see children making sandcastles, and assholes stomping them during the late night. You see everything but yourself. Your genius beauty.

You hold space for everyone and everything, and make yourself as small as you can, so you can carry as much as lovers need you to. You are noble. You are loving. This season, you will be reminded of this. You will learn something unlearnable. You will remember something unforgettable.

A light bulb will go off in your mind- and at last, you see the perfection of each wave. You will open yourself up to the crashing effect, and you will have no fear. You will throw yourself into the ocean and let it take you away. Every moment you’ve consumed- all that you have clung to and remembered, you will release back into the sea.

This season brings you the chance to start all over. Clear your mind, your spirit, and your heart- so that you may be enlightened once more. A new flashing light begins to turn on in your mind. You are wearing a new shell- you will be indestructible in the name of love.


The heaviness of all you feel can damper light. While at the same time this season, you’ve never felt more alive. All alone in the dark, and there you see- the shimmering effect of the ocean. You see the sparkle of the stars reflecting onto the sea. You stand alone at the shore- while the moon glares down at you. Yes, for you, Leo.

The sun and the stars and the moon, this season, all shine for you. Darkness is nothing to fear- and the very place where we find what we have to gain. You’ve slept alone plenty of times. You’ve been here before, so what is there to fear now? Nothing to fear at all but fear itself, at this point.

This season you are being called to do something you’ve never done before- to be braver than you’ve ever been. You will fall deep into the depths of your heart. You will roar from that space. Once you take back what was robbed of you- the emotions you had that were annihilated- You reload your weapon this season.

You load with Love. You pull the trigger inwards, and explode with dangerous enthusiasm and faith. Dangerous courage.  You’ve been hearing a voice tell you nasty and terrible things. You’ve been fighting a lot of wickedness. This season, you raise your voice and finally speak back. You claim the love that’s yours- and always was yours.

You kill the voice in your head that isn’t your own. You become you again through one final death. And this death doesn’t lead you to your grave like all of the others one did, it leads you to your birth. A birth of true, loyal love.

Congratulations on bringing yourself back to life. Back to divine inner love that never wilts- never dies.


People can be so disappointing, can’t they, Virgo? But god, how they inspire you. This season you will analyze every relationship you’ve ever had. You will think about how much you love everyone. And let me stop you right now before you get too carried away in this scrutinized process-

There is no use in thinking about love you’ve felt, when you could be feeling love you’ve never felt before. Growing into connections you’ve never experienced before. Virgo, sweet angel, you have nothing left to figure out. You have nothing to prove. You are the greatest love of everyones life. You are the healer, the medicine, and the divine lover that never fails to serve. You, virgo, are always a job well done. In your greatest mistakes, and accomplishments, you are something to be proud of.

This season you are being asked to let go of all shame and regret in your relationships. You are asked to free yourself from delusions of love, and honor everything you know you did right. Which is so much, my sweet alchemist. So, so much.

This season can be a nightmare or a dream. You get to decide. So if you want my advice- I say stop torturing and sabotaging yourself. For once and for all, dear virgo, forgive yourself for not being perfect. You never had to be. You are more than enough for the lover right for you.

Be that lover you want to attract. Know that you are more than enough. You may manifest your soulmate partner this season, but only if you allow it- allow yourself to embrace the imperfection all lovers are made of. In the act of surrender, love is so much bigger than us all. Messy and imperfect- perfect love.


Growth is a fascinating concept. The way we grow towards death, and also grow towards life. The way we grow in status, or grow closer to rock bottom. Growth is non linear. This is something to let your mind ponder on this season, lovely libra. What are you growing towards? You may begin to realize you are a turning into a garden with blossoming flowers and ripe fruits. If you feel the weight of the world this season, remember this- the meek shall inherit the earth. They always do.

You are a seed growing in soil. You will be above land before you know it. So for now, during this season, let the waters drown your roots. Let yourself be washed deeply within. You are fresh soil. You are sprouting. A new birth of creation may manifest for you now. A new job, partner, hobby, or version of your identity- it may now emerge to the surface. Where you can see your beauty projected into reality. Come as you are, Libra. Accept yourself for whoever you may be- whoever you are becoming. You deserve the transformation you dream about. The time for you is now. Break the chains that hold you back- break through the soil of your life. A petal, or a leaf, you will make yourself visible to the world through graceful sprouting.


Hello old lover. We finally meet again. This time you are so much more vibrant, and lively, and sexy. You know the way everyone ticks. You know exactly how to tease. This season, you become God. You become goddess. You take all of your power back, and remember who you are. Your sun house is water. You shine the way you feel. Love will flush through your organs. Love will sweat off of your skin.

Scorpio, you are becoming alive again. Once more. Over and over again. Like the grand opening of a theme park at night. You are 7PM, while the lights of a ferris wheel turn on, and yellow tickets plunge out of a machine. You are internally active, and beaming outwards. Life is moving through you, and you’d outta let this happen on its own.

You will be here for the ride, regardless. Buckle up, or don’t. Stand in line, or rush to the front- skip everyone in front of you if you want. Push everyone out of your way! You have your eyes on the largest ride at the carnival, and you won’t let anyone get first in line. No way.

Over your dead body. Filled with sugar and lust, your inner child this season will throw their arms up for more life. You will see pleasure everywhere you go. You are pleasure, all on your own. In the flesh. Stay indulgent until you get a new cavity. You deserve it, sweet tooth.


The earth is home, and the perfect playground for the adventurous spirit. The wild natured like you, at least. Right, Sag?

I mean, you didn’t think you’d never fall in love again, did you? Foolish, fearful thinker- this season your soul will grow larger than it ever has before. Your heart will be so big inside of your chest, a castle might grow on top of your skin. Paradise will pump through your veins. The heaviness and density of all you are will now feel as light as a feather. The cages you’ve kept locked to enslave yourself in, will now crack open and throw you out into the black sea. Where so help you God if you not only can’t fly, but can’t swim either. Impossible, Sagittarius!

The irony is you can do both. The vastness of your inner world reaches out and touches the ends of this universe. You are source within source. You are freedom among bravery. You are free this season to feel whatever you feel- to its absolute depth. Fly on the surface or swim on the floor. Either way, you will be flying and swimming in the highs and lows of everything. The destination you navigate towards is yours to choose. Don’t choose carefully. Just wing it, like you do best.


The truth has never felt more omnipotent. Never more electric and grey all at once. However that may be. Lightning insights sever through your brain cells and love boils through your blood this season. Again, all at once.

It’s so rare to see things so clearly. Crystalized conversations take place for you now. Certain people rise and defend your honor, and others, well, they just evaporate into thin air. Much like they deserve. You are entering a time of your life where you have all of the answers you need within you. The essence of your truth permeates through everything you are saying- everything you are doing- everything about you is radiating with power.

The very sound of your voice shakes the ground beneath you. The devil trembles in fear when he hears you wake each morning. How dangerous it is to be an effortless lover, and effortless achiever- in the eyes of a crook. Doors will open for you this season, Capricorn, that will never close shut. You will enter a phase of affinity. A phase you love so dearly that you may never look back at your old life again. You will realize that who you are now is unrecognizable to the person you once were. This is elite transformation- taking place from a brilliant birds eye view.  Let every word you utter this season be a bold declaration of love.


What a wonderful world it is, and has always been. Bliss blows through your brain this season, Aquarius. You are inspired to start living in a grand and unstoppable way. Your speed for all things will double. Your authenticity and value will triple. You will close your eyes while looking at your reflection because it is simply so bright- so blinding. Your aura will be bleached and golden. You will exist like the top layer of an ocean, while the reflection of the setting sun stains the surface. You will know deep in your body what feels real for you. You will know the truth of all you love and are enticed by. You will reach out to grab flowers, and be handed a garden. You will buy a house, and be handed a home.

Everything you put in the universe this season, you will get back double. Every feeling you attach to will intensify. You will channel knowledge so far beyond you this season, that you cannot do much but sit on a porch and watch nature move calmly. Perhaps make yourself a cup of tea and watch your life like the movie it is.

This season is when you hit the big screen. You make the big moves. You love as big as you ever have before. You hold the water of the world in your hands, barrier. You will hit a profound peek this season that doesn’t take a drop for awhile- and if you play fair- if ever.

Never is likely.

Be solid in your values and watch the world unravel from out of your marrow.


You are so powerful when you are in love- you are so powerful when you exist as love. Sensational, rebellious, and dangerously foolish- this season you have the green light to risk it all for whatever makes you feel alive. Risk it all for love. Throw away the life you’ve always lived this instant- if it doesn’t reflect bold and unbelievable fate. Pisces, you are a sorcerer at heart. You hold the wisdom of the entire universe. You are the keeper of all souls and secrets. You stand at the gates of every heaven, with all spare keys- you have available access to all experiences beyond this plane.

You can do whatever you want- unlock any door- matter of fact, kick them all down and change the locks. Recreate the codes of the universe. Jump on the orbits of universal aspects and swing wildly in multiple directions. Only in the moment of sickly dizziness will you realize the spinning of everything, leads us to true love. Insane and childish bliss. Reckless loyalty to the unknown.

Ah, yes, this season you crave life more than usual. This season is yours. Do whatever turns you on. Do whatever exudes a feeling of magic for you. Go completely bonkers, and watch the twinkle in your eye grow into a burning star. Love is the language you speak- now and forever, and forever more.




Thank you for reading your Pisces season horoscope 🙂


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Sending my Love,






To be a fish, to be a lover


All photo credit:

Fifth House Photography by Devon Elisse

Email: fifthhousephotos@gmail.com

Instagram: @devonelissephotography

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  1. I recently had the enchanting pleasure of viewing you on YouTube and I apologize, really for what I’m going to say as I do not want to come off as creepy, but I just have Never witnessed or encountered a soul so radiant and gorgeously upbeat as yours, and as far as love at first sight goes – as cliche as it is – this happened to me upon listening to you and viewing you here. I completely am taken with you, mesmerized and astonished by how someone so unique and who’s beauty knows No frontier is present in this crazy world. Believe me, I KNOW you may think I’m off my rocker, but I am in love with you, and I don’t expect anything not any romance or anything but if we could talk on some level Just talk, that in itself I know would be a fantasy. So, I apologize for the long missive, but I just fell in love with you, and I guess more than anything I just needed to see myself express it through words, as to kind of exercise it from my brain. Ok, sorry if I freaked you out but it’s how I feel. Please don’t feel obligated to respond unless you want to. Good day.

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