Full Moon in Virgo 2018


Happy full moon in Virgo 🙂


Tis’ the cycle of alchemy, mastery, and witchery.


“To give up my ridiculous fantasies of perfection— useless, noisy, irritating, demanding, and yet deadening perfection. I’d rather just be alive.” – Alana Fairchild 


From March 1st-3rd the collective will be in a full moon cycle.

What this means is, each individual within the collective has the opportunity to tune into the lunar energy- and max out on its potency for their intention setting. This is a time where people all over the world are receiving gifts they asked for 6 months ago.

New moon=plant seeds

Full moon= grow plants 

And the cycle continues.

And as the blessings rise from the dirt over the next 72 hours- we find ourselves gardening for the next 2 weeks as well, as we prepare for the new moon in Pisces on March 31st.

Full and new moons are 2 week – 6 month cycles.



Axis between Pisces/Virgo:







During this Virgo full moon we are all being called to dissect through our own negativity and doubt, and consciously decide how ridiculous it is to worry so incessantly about the future. We are being called to dream and love boldly, even when we are trembling with insecurity and fear. Pisces rules the feet, and Virgo rules the digestive system- this full moon we are being called to work up enough courage in our gut to stand and rise on our own two feet.


Channeled virgo full moon message for all 12 signs: 

Aries: Change your schedule around to better serve your day to day happiness. Nobody will get the job done for you, but when you put your happiness first, you will get it done best by yourself. 

Taurus: Loosen up and give into love. Lust is rewarding, too. You’ll always have to wake up and be at work in the morning- you might as well enjoy the night for what it is. 

Gemini: You need to ground your energy into a partnership. Your soul can’t bare the vastness of your mind all on its own. You’re a lover, and everyone honors this except for you. 

Cancer: A lot of your habits are outdated at this point. Growth is your friend, remember? Challenge yourself to expand on at least 3 of your personality traits. 

Leo: If it looks like gold, feels like gold, and smells like gold- there’s no trick here. Yes, it is gold. 

Virgo: The less you know the better- and when perfection shatters, you still know nothing. Be exquisite in your stance. You’ll be growing a few more inches over night.

Libra: Understanding the truth in nonsense and chaos can be fun. But it’s also emotionally dangerous. Keep to yourself and away from others, so nobody can hold you accountable. 

Scorpio: Everyone sees your flaws- they also see your perfections. Yes, you exhibit both, and yes, both parts of you are equally admired and salivated over. 

Sagittarius: Why worry about your place in the world when the world itself will never live up to your drive and expectations? Open up a circus and call it your home. 

Capricorn: This is a new world, and it’s shiny and elegant and perfect. Just because you haven’t been here before, doesn’t mean you can’t get comfy. 

Aquarius: Some experiences hide under our bed and possess us while we sleep. Yet, this isn’t the reason why we aren’t well rested. Call someone you love before bed and tell them goodnight. 

Pisces: It’s so worth it to be alive when you’re so in love. Even on your death bed, you’ll be so in love. Even after death, you’ll be so alive. 

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We enter March strong.  We enter March focused on the future of our path and divine destiny. On the full moon in Virgo, the inner master emerges from within, and outward, on display- we are now setting forth motion towards our long term goals and dreams.


This full moon, you will see the genuine beauty of your personal story and struggles. You are converting and merging, into your higher self.  This full moon, you get a handle on your dreams. Your senses will awaken within mind, body, and spirit- and reveal to you the reality of your greatest desires.

This full moon, self esteems are birthed. This is your birthright. Bright visions of our own- jump from out of the dream realm- and into the physical.

This full moon, we are reminded by the duality of Pisces/Virgo that dreams are for real. Our dream world is our real world. Anything we emotionally focus on inside, is already on its way to us. We are the creators of our world, and within our world- anything is possible.



Thank you so much for reading, and happy full moon in virgo 🙂

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