Jupiter Retrograde 2018 / Ritual and Forecasts For All 12 Signs


In this article you will find information on Jupiter Rx, forecasts for all 12 of the zodiac signs in the context of this retrograde, and a ritual I created for this retrograde.

The article moves in the same order above, so the ritual will be found at the end- after the forecasts.

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Jupiter went retrograde at 23 degrees Scorpio on March 9th 2018, and will station to go direct July 10th, at 13 degrees Scorpio.

23, back to 13.


You get 10 wishes, my lover.


Here is the following video link, where I discussed the initial energetic shift the retrograde will bring:

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Jupiter in Scorpio is about facing your deepest wounds and desires- all on your own. Many of us have been paralyzed by the fear we carry within, the doubt and shame weighs heavy. Dark thoughts have been lingering. Many of us have been having powerful dreams as well, which are revealing the state of our subconscious.

Jupiter in Scorpio is all about discovering the most hidden part of our unconscious mind, so that we can take everything that’s been buried there and use it to our advantage. In a way- we get to grow with courage. We get to take our power back by embracing what lies at the depth of who we are, the gutter of our soul, and no longer live in the dark because of it.

For the past few months we have been digging deep inside our psyche with metal shovels, now that this inner process will be retrograding, we are finally striking a surface. The shovel makes a dent into a golden burial of treasure. When we open it, what will we uncover about ourselves?


Where we begin this retrograde:

Scorpio 23- A collection of dolls. Written by Ellias Lonsdale.

“The inside of things takes charge when the ego-self is out of the picture and we are free to go with our fancy. The outer side of things becomes purely symbolic, just one way to do it. When the formative soul has its way, the world is recreated in a different image. Eliminating the usual mental considerations, the formative soul sticks to how things feel inside, and pushes for a world that matches the inner pictures. Becoming bound up with subtle and hidden layers of existence and tuned out of what is obvious and straightforward. Deeply driven to move out beyond the known into other realities. A resourcefulness that knows no bounds. Able to turn anything back into what it was meant to be. In the process, you crack through every kind of consensus agreement, becoming an outlaw, fused with core existence and drawing the energy out of empty forms into what is here. When you can feel the magic and know it is real, it is the touchstone to make it all real again.”

Where we end this retrograde, and move forward:

Scorpio 13- Someone tells a joke and no one laughs. Written by Ellias Lonsdale.

“Discordance between inner self and outer world. Myriad forms of conflict and misunderstanding. The intensity of what has been building up inside has gone too far for too long and has become angry, vengeful, and saturated with resentment. Meanwhile, the broader environment has come to seem, in hallucinatory fashion, to exclude everything you bear, and even to grotesquely deny your chances for a meaningful life. And so you dramatize karmically over and again the preprogrammed sequence of bringing out inward treasures and finding them spat upon or being given no room to let it out. A state of brooding darkness ensues, fears and doubts multiply. However, a ray of hope exists. You must find, despite yourself, new ways to express and embody, implicitly embracing and encompassing the negative reflection feedback loop and saying “I can bring myself through another way. And this time, I will take the charge off, and just be authentic without expectations or assumptions. And if I do bring myself through this way, I know everybody will get the joke.”



For the next 5 months, you will be finding the courage to be your most authentic self. There is no more space for shame. All that you believe to be dark within you, is secretly your light. The truth of who you are is your gift, and it is your power. No matter what that truth is. It is still yours.

You will be reexamining where you went too far, where you didn’t go far enough- the moments you lied to yourself, and the moments where your honesty felt disturbing. You are grabbing a shovel and digging inside of yourself until you crack open the buried treasure chest.

We’ve been shoving parts of ourself inside of that treasure chest since the end of 2017, and now it’s time to see what we put there.

Why did we put it there to begin with?

Jupiter being expansive, wise, and jolly- mixed with the Scorpio vibration- can bring a sense of phantom and nightmare. What you thought was gold is actually rusted silver and covered in filth. This filth is the consequence of burying such a pure and sacred part of you. This filth is false shame.

Jupiter grows. So whether we grow with fear, or optimism, our spirits are going to become larger at this time. All of the blessings that have entered your life since the end of 2017, will now be placed on a underworld trial.


Over the next 5 months- here is your case study.

Do you have enough integrity inside of yourself to manage divine gifts?

Do you deserve more than what is already on your plate?

Have you eaten the dinner placed before you, before asking for dessert?

What simply cannot fit anymore?

What has become so vast and illusive that it’s one with an abyss?

What is beyond your control that seems to control you?

At the bottom of your soul, what faithfully remains?

If you could only have totality of the few things in life that fulfill you and nothing else, what would you choose to have and hold forever?

What could you stop giving your energy to right now and you’d instantly feel relieved?

Do you honor yourself deeply enough to believe in the manifestation of your desires?


You will have a better understanding of  these topics and what your answers are by the end of July 2018. Feel free to use them as meditation points.


Forecasts for all 12 signs- you can read for you sun, moon, and ascendent.



There are so many secrets. God forbid if they got released. What would you do then? Perhaps you would experience liberation. Everything you fear of admitting and embracing to yourself, is exactly what binds you to darkness. The moment you unshackle the chains you’ve built around your intuition, is the moment you will be able to breath-in cosmic air and uncensored divinity. Oh, ram, you fight against everything so bravely, you face all things head on except for yourself. For the next 5 months, you will feel a silent drive pulling you inwards. You will close your eyes and shake with terror- just to find all that is to be feared, is yourself. Not because you are bad, or something is wrong with you- but because you are fearless and your light deserves to be released. The heavy paranoia you feel is rooted at the discomfort and lack of trust you have with your powerful intuition. Be a warrior confidently or not at all. And I’m sure you like the first option best.


People can be so disappointing sometimes. They can come around and take what they need when they need it most, can’t they. And they do this to you, Taurus, don’t they? Maybe because you also do it to them. You’re having to give more to others and surrender more to your partnerships because you’re entering a time in your life where you require more from them- and this is why they are beginning to require more from you. Relationships are mirrors. What someone seems to be lacking- or not fulfilling in you, you are lacking and not fulfilling in them. Instead of trying to be the best parent, best partner, best friend, etc. Be the best listener. Do more for others than is expected of you, and you will be blessed with emotional abundance like never before. Truly giveyour all to a few, and watch the way a team of abundance and support grows around your existence. Everyone will be here for you, once you begin to not only be there for yourself. Let people in, make yourself a spare key for all of the hearts dear to you- have a meal prepared when they arrive home. You will realize they came prepared with wine- before even knowing you decided to cook.


Maybe it would serve you to finally take that risk you put off- if you haven’t taken it already. Is life supposed to be strategic and routined? Not for the lovers. I mean, really, who made that up? Who’s to say your life shouldn’t be a bold and lively broadway performance? Who’s to say your life isn’t a play? You want to be taken serious, but you take nothing serious. Except for your truth, that you take pretty serious. You’ve been experiencing many highs and lows when it comes to your home and work life. The highs have been high and the lows have been low, and yet here you are- the root. You see Gemini, you will have to figure out when it is that you lost your edge. You still have it, but it might’ve got lost between all the cabinets and files of your busy days and nights at the office. Jupiter will not settle for mediocracy. If you want a balanced life, well then you’re going to have to earn it and fight for it. Let your soul guide your habits now- your mind has been overworked. If you’re distracted it’s because you aren’t dreaming enough. Dream big now for your own sake- it is the responsible thing to do.


Is anything even fun anymore? Do people date anymore? Frustration from lack of emotional abundance can irritate you at this point. Family matters, and so does love. More than ever you want magic and excitement to flood through your veins, and the desire continues to grow. It pulsates. You’re seeing what you want in your dreams, just to wake up and wonder why it isn’t here. Well, is it? Moon child, what are you doing to attract fun and new beginnings in your life? In what ways are you shining your own light? For the next 5 months you will revisit the concept of love and not only what it means to you- but what it feels like for you. Why does it bring you so much joy? Why does it matter so much? So much. Learning to generate your own feelings of love and romance can be interesting. A new lover may show you a world you only could’ve dreamed of, and then show you more. Your imagination will reach heights it never has before. You will not only be the star of your own film, but you will be the director and producer. What is the name you choose for love?


Everything may have a layer of seriousness over it for the next 5 months. You’re either growing with passion, or pain, and maybe both of those can feel like pleasure when the mood is right. Can your intuition get any more on point? You’ll be finding out soon. The process you go through now is one essentially needed. On a soul level, you need more hope. You need to believe again that good things take time, and not everything is just taking its sweet time before it blows up in your face. This is like the finale of a firework show. All of the sparks flew in the sky, and the lights were bright and beautiful- but the finale, is undefeated. When the greatest finale firework finally goes off and the sky is filled with white sparkles and crackle sounds, and the crowd eases with contentment- this is where you find a home. There is peace to be found in explosion. Your soul has been wandering around for some time, and now it starts to be found again. By you. So light the match and run for cover. Here comes your final light show.


Escapism sets in. The cage that has been built around your life, God, how you want to tear it down. And if you can’t tear it down, well, you’re not afraid to jump fences. Eagerness builds, and intuition strengthens. The programming you had to endure your entire life- at this point, is dead. Your third eye is open and conviction runs high. What do you know, Virgo? What has been your story, the story, that never changed? This is the start. For the next 5 months you are rewriting the story you’ve always kept tucked away in a private place. The story you’ve laminated the pages of, and kept at the bottom of your bookshelf. This retrograde, you are busy writing a new software. A personal one. Although the one you’ve held onto has served such a beautiful purpose, now,there is more beauty to discover. Your own. Not the beauty you bought into, but the beauty you’ve created for yourself and everyone around you. You are the keeper of stories. You are the plot.


How about a check? Sound good? The price is right. Libra, abundance is something you’re comfortable with- as long as it can be managed. But what if this need to keep things in moderation is actually holding you back? Yes, it is in your nature to hold things in place, but what if you knew it’d be better to lose control? And then what if you did. And it turned out splendid. What if everything you wanted to manifest and manage, you got double of, but heres the deal- you can’t save it or try to use it correctly. For once in your life Libra, indulge. Expect nothing, but if you need to expect something- expect more than anything you could’ve expected. Think big, gamble large, and don’t show any signs of fear. The next 5 months for you is a culmination period of beauty, intimate worth, and growth. You are discovering your value on such a personal level, you almost feel human. You almost feel you’re who you’re supposed to be- where you’re supposed to be. And the puzzle becomes more defined.


Hero’s don’t get enough credit. They work hard and never receive the attention they desire. Heroes desire a lot of attention. Did you know? Villains on the other hand, well, they just do whatever they want. There is no need for validation, there is no need for praise. Villains are magnificent thinkers. Heroes have heart. Both have a deep sense of purpose. For the next 5 months you will be destroying or you will be building things. This is dependent on whether you’ve been the hero or the villain, and if you choose to keep living out this role. Red mask, or green mask- your choice. If your really down for Jupiter, you might say fuck it, mask off. Tear the city down and make it look like prestigious art. Whether you set it on fire, or take the fire out- you will beidolized and remembered forever. 


Nobody can tell you about your experiences. Nobody can tell you about you and everything you’ve had to swallow since the year started. Nobody really understands and maybe this is because they don’t have to. What’s understood doesn’t have to be explained. And you, you have no desire of explaining. Your dreams have been more peculiar than usual. Your subtle moments have felt spiritual and illusive- is anything even real anymore? It’s like the universe ate you for dinner and now you’re in the belly of the cosmos asking when do I get dessert? Hello? Is anyone going to let me out of this thing?! Funny. You are the belly and the dinner and the dessert. You can get out when you want, and come back in. You hold so much power right now. Your dream world is overlapping with your physical world. Everything that felt confusing begins making sense. Sense- whatever that is. I guess it’s all you’ve really got at this point.


The world is a phenomenal place. Perhaps even a phenomenon. Where friends are zombies, and lovers are vampires. And the things you need, POOF- into your hands from out of thin air. Just like magic. Just like that. You make things look easy, Capricorn. But everything is so hard. Isn’t it? For as hard as you strive- this time around, things are pretty easy. You trusted a few of the wrong people, and you might’ve shared a little too much, but eh, you’re doing good. The universe is opening up its gates for you. Like a star covering their face from the paparazzi- you’re telling the universe, “alright, that’s enough flash.” The next 5 months for you is about mastering yourself under pressure in the spotlight. Where before, you might’ve wanted the shiny toys and praise- now you have the shiny toys and praise, and it’s time to work harder.  Make everything look even easier. How is it that you get more successful and charming, and the rest of us remain starstruck? I don’t know, Capricorn. Maybe this time around you’ll see yourself for the icon you truly are.


It’s hard to find your place in the world when not only are you unique, but you’re elite and more intelligent than majority. You pose a threat although you are harmless. But are you? When it comes to matters that deeply trigger your morals, then who do you become? Somewhat of an evil scientist, a mad magician even. You stand up and fight for your cause. The cause. Whatever it is that works you up- you aren’t afraid to bite down. For some time you’ve felt like you just don’t quite fit in. The world doesn’t have a spot for you. Nonsense. You create your spot, Aquarius. You create this world alone. You don’t need to fit in or find a secured space that’s welcoming- you need to rattle all shaky foundations around you until the sturdiest place to stand is on your own two feet. Stand up for something before you feel inspired to fall. You don’t want that, and neither do we. Your time is up for seeking and searching. Nobody is going to give you your dream job. Your dream job exists in your mind until you use your powers to manifest it into the world. You have all the control. The world sits in the palm of your hand.


Your thoughts may change on everything. All of your beliefs could alter. One thing remains, and it is love. For the next 5 months, you will revisit dreams you had as a child, and you will find the courage to experience them now with a new perspective. You will see your mind beam with light, and it will burn through any fear left inside of you. All doubts will be banished, if you allow this process to take place. A sort of mind erasing- you can start over in many ways- deprogram yourself from any thought processes or beliefs that don’t make sense anymore. Not like much make senses anymore, but it could make more sense for you. If you take the time to create it personally. Everything is personal at this point. You are raw and open and blank.


signs of zodiac over night sky and stars


Tools you will need:

Red or Black ink pen. 

A sheet of paper. 

A lighter.

A private place to complete the ritual (outside is preferred)

An imagination. 


Take your sheet of paper and pen. If you are left handed, hold the pen with your left and place your right hand on the top of the blank paper, if right handed, vice versa.

Close your eyes and allow your imagination to take you somewhere.

This place can be a dream. But your psyche will take you where it wants to go.

Pay attention to what you are imagining.

From that first place, or vision- write one wish.

This process may take a few minutes, but the most important part of starting this ritual is to make sure your imagination activates with the very first wish.

The total of wishes you will write down is 10.


The trick is that each of these wishes come from a place of imagination.

They must not be mundane and realistic.

So if you do want to wish for something like a new job, or money- please write down your wishes creatively.

For example,

“I wish for a job that makes me feel like glitter and sunshine”

“I wish to be paid like a royal agent, where money flows from out of me.”


In honor of Jupiter in Scorpio, your wishes should be grand, jolly, bold, and matter to you dearly.

Jupiter in Scorpio can consume the magic of your energy and desires, and give them back to you in a deep and meaningful way.


Write your 10 wishes.

Make them genuine, but funky.


After you write them, hold your hand on the paper again with the pen in your hand and read these words out loud:


I wish I may, I wish I might,

to fall in love with my dreams, at once, tonight

I know they’re real, I mote it be 

All of my desires, are destined for me

Jupiter wants me happy,  and the universe conspires it so

All that doesn’t serve me inside,

I let it go


Burning the wish list is what completes this ritual.

To harness the most energy, I suggest waiting to burn this paper on the new moon in Pisces, or the new moon in Aries.

New moon in Pisces: March 17th, 2018 / New moon in Aries: April 15th, 2018


You can do this ritual as many times as you want. But it will only work if you have true feeling and intention behind your wishes. They have to be genuine. You have to imagine and deeply feel your wishes as true.

You can practice, and re write your wish list until you are ready to complete the ritual. But do not say the spell and burn the paper until you feel secure about your 10 wishes, and all 10 resonate with your true desires and sense of self.


Once the paper burns, give thanks to Jupiter.

Thank you Jupiter for your benevolent spirit. We are one. Thank you.


You have completed your Jupiter retrograde ritual.

You can take a picture of your wish list if you’d like to, so you can refer back to it when Jupiter goes direct in 5 months, and I will have a new ritual for you all to use then.




Thank you for reading. My name is Olivia Cabrera, I am a Pisces sun, Capricorn ascendant and Virgo moon. Astrologer, writer, tarot reader, and intuitive creator. I have a YouTube channel where I do daily tarot readings and monthly tarot readings for all 12 of the zodiac signs.


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To be a fish, to be a lover



With Love,






  1. I lost my husband and best friend Feb 18, 2018. He was much older, a Leo like me. I can’t tell you more than that because I never had our charts done but our love was easy; almost like our souls had met before. I feel his soul still with me even but I have no idea who I am anymore, much less how or where to begin again. What I do know is that I am sick and tired of pain, my whole life has left me wanting to crossover to the other side, I just lack the courage to follow through. I feel stuck here. Literally.

    I found you on YouTube, I listened to the Leo 3/15-3/31. It resonated with me.
    I need help and healing. How do I order a Healing Session/Reading ($40) plus a Channeled Chart & Tarot ($70) and in what order?? It will be after the 1st when I can actually pay. I just don’t know how all this works and what info you need.
    Thank you for your time,
    Victoria Ragland

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