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List of current readings and prices:


Lunar Personal Reading: $25

This is a service I provide for full and new moons. If you would like to receive it before the full or new moon, I suggest to book with me 1 week in advance. This reading is a personal channeled reading that I need your time of birth for. I pull up your natal chart and give you an analysis on what this lunar cycle will mean for you, the aspects that will be happening in your chart, and what to expect for the next 2 weeks – 6 months. I channel messages that come through for you, and I also pull cards at the end to wrap up and solidify the reading. These readings are about 20-30 minutes long, and filled with insight and detailed information about what this lunar energy means for you.

Here is a link of an example of this service:



Personal Tarot: $33

All personal tarot readings  can be channeled, or if you have specific inquiries, I will read for your specific information.

Channeled Natal Chart: $50

This service is my greatest bargain and must buy! This is a 35-45 minute natal chart reading where I read your entire chart like a story and channel whatever messages come through about your energy. This is an energetic and channeled reading. A great product to purchase when you are wanting to learn more about your chart without getting too heavy into aspects, house lords, etc. (which would be available in my full natal report service) I creatively analyze your chart and discuss all of your planets in each house, sun, moon, and ascendant + all that stands out to me. This is a mini natal chart report.

Channeled Chart + Tarot: $75

This is for those of you who want to know about your natal chart, and receive a tarot reading. This is my package deal and most popular service. Videos tend to be about 1 hour long. I can channel a reading for you, or do a specific reading after analyzing your chart.

Full Natal Chart Report: $100

This is a full natal chart report where I discuss the sun, moon, rising, houses, planets, planets in the houses, house lords, aspects, asteroids, and I discuss what you will be experiencing this year due to current planetary alignments. This is a full natal report broken down into multiple different segments- and is done in full audio. This is a deep and detailed analysis of your entire birth chart where everything about your chart is covered.

Healing Session/Reading: $40

This service is intended to help heal wounds you are struggling with. This is a reading where I look at your chart and decipher where you struggle most. If you already know what you struggle with, for example, codependent relationships, thinking negatively, problems with self esteem etc, I go in your chart and I find a way for you to heal this area. This is an intimate and healing session with me, and the greatest way I can describe it is that instead of sitting with a counselor and paying $200 a session. Book a few readings with me throughout the year, and let me help you heal where it hurts most. These sessions are no longer than 45 minutes, and I do not discuss multiple areas in one reading. These are meant to be concentrated and focused readings that can be purchased multiple times.


Guidance & Confirmation Card: $20

This service is if you are seeking a Yes or No answer. If you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, or need help with making a decision. I will channel a guided message for you and also pull 2 cards to confirm.

12 Houses Tarot Spread: $30

This is a very detailed tarot reading that I require your chart information for. I pull 12 cards in representation of the 12 houses in your chart. I discuss the overlap of current astrological alignments with the tarot cards, and give you a full energetic analysis. I do this readings in a chronological form. I discuss first house matters, second, third, etc. This is a personal and current reading to tune you into what’s really going on in your energy at this time of your life.


Synastry: $100

This is a service between 2 charts of people, but I do require time of birth for both. This service is much like a full natal chart report, but I discuss the connection between you both, who you both are as individual lovers, the reality of your connection- along with your energy in comparison to theirs.


Please email me if you have ANY questions whatsoever. Turn around time for readings is currently less than 2 weeks after receiving an email back from me about your order, and confirming payment.


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